What to Expect from Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery

Pet Spay and Neuter in South San Francisco

When you have your female pet spayed and your male pet neutered, you curtail potential behavioral problems as well as gender specific medical issues. You may be wondering when your pet should undergo the procedure or how they might behave afterwards. While the time for pet spay and neuter surgery can vary depending on the breed and type of pet you have, most are ready at around six months old. Larger dog breeds may benefit if they wait longer, so please schedule a wellness visit to discuss the optimal time. We work to counsel our pet owners in South San Francisco and all surrounding areas. After spay or neuter surgery, your pet will behave exactly the same as they did before, but they will have less drive to engage in mating behavior, like roaming, urine spraying, or territory aggression.

Giving Your Pet Medical and Behavioral Benefits

Other than saving lives by not contributing to animal overpopulation, pet spay or neuter surgery has many perks for pet owners. Roaming behavior, which can result in your pet becoming lost or injured, is greatly reduced or eliminated. The likelihood your pet will be stricken with certain cancers are also greatly reduced and, in some cases, eliminated. The benefits include:

Caring for Your Pet Afterwards

Always keeping your pet’s best care and treatment in mind, we’ll send you home with individualized, detailed after-care instructions. If your pet needs medications, we’ll advise you on when and how to administer it. Things to remember as you’re caring for your pet at home:

Please contact us for more information about spay or neuter surgery. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide the best care and practices for your pet.