Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations in South San Francisco

Dogs and cats are prone to certain viruses and diseases, just like people are, which is why pet vaccines are recommended as a means of preventive care. Here at Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital, part of our mission as a practice is to keep your four-legged friend healthy, from the puppy/kitten years to those tender golden years. That’s why we recommend that you keep your pet on a vaccination plan, which is usually part of the annual/bi-annual wellness exam. We offer both core (essential) and non-core (optional) pet vaccines to meet your companion’s specific needs.

Core Vs. Non-Core Pet Vaccines

Core pet vaccines are those that are considered essential to a pet’s health, regardless of risk of exposure to the virus or disease. The rabies vaccine is an example of a core vaccine, and it’s required by law in many states for various species. During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll ask you questions about their lifestyle to determine if any non-core vaccines are recommended, in addition to the core vaccines.

Non-core vaccines are optional vaccines that are dependent on a pet’s risk of exposure. For example, there are certain illnesses that are contagious from dog to dog (kennel cough) or cat to cat (feline leukemia). So if your pet will be in an area around pets of the same species, we will recommend certain non-core vaccines to offer an extra layer of protection for them.

The following are some of the core and non-core pet vaccines we offer here at Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital:

Core Canine Vaccines

Core Feline Vaccines

Non-Core Canine Vaccines

Non-Core Feline Vaccines

When to Vaccinate

It’s best to get your pet started on a vaccination plan when they’re a kitten/puppy. Then, we’ll customize a plan specifically for them. Some pet vaccines need to be updated annually to be effective. Others can last for three years. We can discuss this with you during your pet’s wellness exam. Give us a call at (650) 873-6880.