Sick Care for Pets

Pets are like people in many ways, which means they can get sick, just like people do. Some of the most common illnesses are related to diet (obesity, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) and the skin/coat (hot spots, allergies, fleas, etc.). Unfortunately though, finding out the specific illness or condition isn’t always easy or possible with the naked eye. At Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital, our goal is to not only accurately diagnose your pet’s condition, but to treat it as quickly and effectively as possible.


When the results of a physical exam aren’t enough, we rely on digital X-rays, blood tests, urinalyses, ultrasonography, and/or skin scraping and cytology for a more accurate diagnosis. These allow us to safely examine your pet internally. All of our diagnostic services are available in-house, for your convenience.


Once we obtain the results from the diagnostic exam, we discuss with you the treatment options and customize it for your pet’s specific needs. Depending on your pet’s illness, treatment can be performed in-house, at-home, or both. For severe illnesses, hospitalization/overnight care may be required. Whether your pet is in our care for just a few hours or a few days for treatment, we have all the necessary resources available to aid in their speedy recovery, including medication and pain management.