Veterinarians in the San Francisco Area Care for Your Pets

San Francisco Veterinarians

Proud dog and cat owners of the San Francisco area should head down to Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital for their furry friend’s next checkup. Our team of veterinarians in the San Francisco area is trained to provide high-quality care to pets of all ages. From puppy and kitty checkups to senior diagnostics, they will do it all with a compassionate touch. Our veterinarians in the San Francisco area believe highly in educating owners on their family pet’s care as well. This is so you can continue to provide them with excellent health care at home. By promoting strong and healthy habits, your pets will be a part of your family for years to come. Visit Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital today!

Our Veterinary Services

Our veterinarians in the San Francisco area provide the following services at Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital:

Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital also provides boarding and grooming to dogs and cats. Each species has a separate room to board in with their own bedding and blankets. We also provide food and water bowls, and encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite treats or food. However, personal belongings are not allowed, on the chance that they can get lost. Our boarding guests must be properly vaccinated before their stay.
Grooming is available for your furry friends in the form of baths, and will receive one on their boarding pickup date if it’s requested. Bathing is done in the mornings, from Monday through Saturday.

If you’re in the San Francisco area and want to bring your pet to Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital, contact us at 650-873-6880 for an appointment.