New Client Offer: Free Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams in San Francisco, CA

They are our best friends and family members. They are our lap warmers and walking partners. They make us laugh and cheer us up when we have bad days. They are our pets, and they deserve the best possible wellness care, and at Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital in South San Francisco, we provide that for dogs and cats of California. Looking for a new veterinary hospital for your companion? We have a special offer for you. For a limited time, you can take advantage of our FREE pet wellness exam special for new clients. That’s a $45 value!

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

During each comprehensive wellness exam at Spruce Avenue Pet Hospital, we perform a nose-to-tail assessment of your pet, including a weight check, oral exam, and skin and coat evaluation. We look for a variety of symptoms that could indicate a health problem, such as dandruff (skin), tartar buildup (teeth), and heart murmurs. If necessary, we may recommend advanced diagnostics to examine your pet internally. We recommend that all pets have a wellness exam at least once a year, which allows us to diagnose and treat any health problems in their early stages

About Our Other Wellness Services

We provide a number of wellness services to keep pets happy and healthy for a lifetime. Our services are customized for each patient with consideration to age, breed, and lifestyle. Some of the additional wellness services we offer that can be added to your pet’s free wellness exam include vaccinations, a fecal exam, and parasite control. We can provide our recommendations for additional wellness services during your pet’s wellness exam.

How to Get Your Pet’s Free Wellness Exam

If you’re a new client, we’d love to meet you and your companion have your pet become one of our patients. Give us a call at 650-873-6880 to request an appointment for your pet’s FREE wellness exam…and hurry! This offer ends soon!




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